Purpose SLA Review provides the ConnectWise community with guidelines to standardize SLA measurement across MSPs as well as provide an automated tool to analyze your current SLA Escalation mappings for correctness against these standards.


The three documents provided below outline how to standardize SLA configuration across MSPs and well as provide the reasoning behind these standards.

  1. SLA White Paper
  2. SLA Escalation Mapping PowerPoint Presentation
  3. ConnectWise University's SLA Documentation

Analyze Your SLA Settings

SLA Review can review your Service and Project Board Ticket Status SLA Escalation mappings for correctness by exporting your Ticket Status settings in ConnectWise and uploading these exports for analysis.

Step 1: Access Service/Project Board Ticket Status Settings in ConnectWise

Step 2: Export Settings and Save the File Name as the Name of the Board

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for all your available Service & Project Boards

Step 4: Upload Exported files for Analysis

Using the Browse button below, select all the .CSV files you exported and click on Open/Start Analysis.