ConnectWise Activation

Below is the initial checklist you must complete in order to activate your ConnectWise instance with the Nilear network. Once you have completed this checklist you can log into this website using your personal ConnectWise username and password. If you already have joined the Nilear network please use the Sign In link at the top of the page instead.

Step 1: Configure ConnectWise API
Your ConnectWise Site:
Company ID:
You will need to create an Integrator Login in ConnectWise:
   Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > General > Integrator Login.
      Click on the New Item icon.
      Enter a Username and Password.
      Set Access Level to All Records.
      Ensure Company, Configuration, Contact, Member, Reporting & System API are selected.
Integrator Username:
Integrator Password:
Step 2: Your Company Information
Company Name:
Street Address:
City, State and Postal Zip:
Email Address:
ConnectWise Client Example

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