ConnectActive is a PSA-ActiveDirectory Sync tool that populates company ConnectWise (On Premise and Cloud) contacts by interrogating each company's Active Directory. It will also deactivate PSA contacts for all accounts disabled or missing in Active Directory. This process can be scheduled daily to ensure your ConnectWise database has an accurate listing of all your client companies' contacts. This is a great tool for onboarding clients as well as maintaining accurate records for existing clients. ConnectActive can also be configured to update Agreement Additions, ensuring you are properly charging contracts based on the active user count.

You may sync up to five companies for free with no restrictions or time limits. If you are interested in synchronizing an unlimited number of companies the cost is $199/year.

ConnectActive is a accountMember of the Nilear suite of tools, which includes ClientMapper (Google Maps your clients),

How it Works

All company names, URLs and passwords are stored in your PSA instance under the Company's Notes tab with the Active Directory password encrypted. ConnectActive only stores primary key information in our system in order to call your PSA API and initiate the synchronization.

  1. You select each company you wish to synchronize with Active Directory.
  2. ConnectActive connects to your PSA's API using an Integrator account to retrieve the company's contacts.
  3. ConnectActive connects to the company's Active Directory to retrieve account information. This is performed over the Internet using Active Directory's LDAP/LDAPS port or from a Java App inside the company's network or using the Exchange's Global Address List.
  4. You are presented with a results page that permits you to customize matches as well as select Active Directory accounts and ConnectWise Contacts to ignore.
  5. ConnectActive will create PSA Contacts for active accounts in Active Directory.
  6. ConnectActive will deactivate PSA Contacts for accounts disabled or missing in Active Directory.

Start Here

Joining your PSA instance to the Nilear network grants you free access to sync up to five clients' Active Directory with your PSA contacts and access to ClientMapper.com's "Map my Clients" feature. Joining the Nilear network is free of charge for anyone with ConnectWise.

Enable your PSA API for Nilear (New Customers)
Login (Returning Customers)

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