ClientMapper is a FREE online service that can Google Map your list of clients by interacting with your ConnectWise (On Premise or Cloud) API. Nilear is offering ClientMapper free of charge to build awareness of the Nilear suite of tools, which includes ConnectActive (Active Directory - ConnectWise Contacts Sync Tool)

How it Works

We do not store the names of your companies or link addresses to your account. We simply cache geocoded addresses for fast mapping on return visits.

  1. You join your PSA API to the Nilear Network using the Join Network button below.
  2. ClientMapper queries your PSA instance for Company Types.
  3. You select which Company Types you wish to Google Map.
  4. ClientMapper queries the company addresses that meet your Company Type criteria.
  5. ClientMapper geocodes the company locations.
  6. The first time you create your map the geocode processing is batched.

Start Here

Joining your PSA instance to the Nilear network grants you access to ClientMapper.com's "Map my Clients" feature and the ability to sync up to five clients' Active Directory with your PSA contacts. Joining the Nilear network is free of charge for anyone with ConnectWise.

Enable your PSA API for Nilear (New Customers)
Login (Returning Customers)

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